Exceeds Industry standards for volumetric expansion ensuring accurate metering.
Meeting requirements of EN 1360 for low temperature flexibility at -30C.
Exceeds the cover abrasion requirements of EN 1761 for tank truck hose.

Application/ Service

For transfer and delivery of fuel oil and petroleum products for home, commercial, marine and industrial service.

LIGHTWEIGHT, FLEXIBLE FOR EASY HANDLING: Redwing® hose is lightweight and flexible. The hose compounds resist stiffening, even in sub-zero temperature.

LOWER OVERALL COST: Redwing® hose last long - for a high return on investment. Made to take rough handling, it is highly resistant to oil, scuffing and abrasion. Exclusive Chemivic® cover actually polishes itself with repeated use! It slides smoothly over the ground with minimum drag, reels on and off trucks with ease.

MAXIMUM HOSE LIFE: The materials used in Redwing® Fuel Oil hose will withstand all fuel oil and petroleum based products - for long hose service life at low cost.

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hose reeling hose reeling
Tube: Chemigum® synthetic rubber (ORS)
Reinforcement: Braided synthetic cord plus anti-static wire
Cover: Red Chemivic® rubber (smooth finish)(ORS)
Continuous brand example - "1œ" 2bd A/S Redwing® Fuel Oil by Goodyear ™ (Date Code)


Code ID (ins) ID (mm) OD (mm) Lengths WP (psi) Weight kgs/Mtr
20022215 1 3/8" 35 47.3 45, 53.3, 61m 250 1.07
20022217/8/9 1 1/2" 38 53.2 45, 53.3, 61m 250 1.41